The site is hosted and sponsored by Brent Ives and BHI Management Consulting, a business management consulting firm based in California. We specialize in organizational and governance related solutions for public agencies. 

We offer Board and management resources to help with strategic planning, organizational risk assessment, executive recruitment, Board workshops and conduct/dynamics/culture assessments, employee surveys, job descriptions, organizational health, organizational workup, succession planning and supervisory training. We are with a different Board each week and have collected and correlated valuable, critical lessons in governance, planning, role understanding and more putting our best analytics to work into GoodBoardWork.com.

BHI Management Consulting have served as consultants to public agencies from California to Florida for over 15 years. We have worked with managers and elected decision makers alike to identify innovative, practical solutions to their most difficult issues. 

Brent Ives is also an elected official and has been for 27 years as a City Council Member and Mayor for many years. As such, he knows the importance of the public trust and respect for public agencies. Brent also understands the demands elected officials face from the public on a daily basis. At BHI, we constantly search for ways to better deliver those valuable lessons and perspectives. GoodBoardWork.com does just that. We hope you find this extremely valuable, and we look forward to your feedback.


Brent Ives